Lost Item Recovery…We Can Help!

If you lost it, we may be able to help! Our club members are always happy to assist in the recovery of whatever items you may have lost! We have many club members covering the Tri-State area and beyond! Feel free to contact us if you feel that we are ever able to assist you. Best part is we do it FREE! Simply use the CONTACT tab located at the top of this web page.


Did you loose an item and are located out of our area? There are detectorists located around the country eager to help! Simply visit the site below and submit a request to Lost My Stuff! They have a database of many subscribers that can respond to your request! Follow the link below.





Giving back to the our community is important to us! As part of this effort, we participate in public events to educate the public about the importance of what we do and offer assistance to the public in search of lost item recovery. Returning items that are either knowingly lost or thought to be of significance to property owners is a rewarding experience for all involved!